Ambien (or zolpidem) is a very powerful and commonly prescribed sleep medication that can have side effects that should not be taken lightly.  In this video Dr Oz and his guest Dr Breus discuss the safety concerns about Ambien.  Some points that are discussed include:

  • that Ambien is effective, but only when taken specifically as directed
  • the presence of daytime drowsiness is not normal or expected
  • Ambien is not an effective long-term solution
  • The quoted cut-off for how long you should be taking Ambien for is 3 weeks

At the end of the video Dr. Breus recommends consulting with a sleep specialist if you’ve been taking Ambien for longer than 3 weeks.  This recommendation is in agreement with other medical experts.

This is the work that I do and others do as well – there is help out there if you are open to it.

Link: The Disturbing Side Effects of America’s #1 Sleeping Pills Revealed