A CBT-I calculator application that is made for and by the community



In the field of behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) the sleep diary is an essential and ubiquitous tool.  Efforts have been made to unite the community on a central standard sleep diary form (reference), however there have not yet been any advances in providing practitioners with a common and easy to use interface for this standard despite the fact that accurate and easy to understand data analysis is crucial for treatment decision making.

This has left providers stuck with the task of calculating sleep data in inefficient ways such as by pen & paper or ‘re-inventing the wheel’ by creating their own means of calculating and tracking the data via MS excel or MS access. Large amounts of time and creativity are lost as people’s efforts to tackle this problem are not shared with the community.

The aim of this project is to create a simple and accessible user interface based on the standardized consensus sleep diary.  This freely available webpage will allow any provider the ability to calculate their patient’s sleep data.

The interface of project can be seen in its current form here – http://healthysleepdoc.com/calc/


Further goals to provide value to BSM providers:

  • reduction of in & out of session time spent by clinicians calculating sleep data for purposes of clinical decision making, charting purposes & processing data for presentation to the patient
  • allow minimally trained professionals to collect useful data with their patients so that they can make more informed decisions based on the best data possible & best practices regarding tracking parameters
  • orienting newer providers to the standard of care in tracking data as well as exposure to advanced metrics of calculation (e.g. providing CBT-I means much more than tracking total sleep time & time in bed)
  • saving time writing session notes through allowing copy/pasting of the pre-formulated paragraph describing the sleep data
  • saving time in creating a data tracking system through the use of the pre-made excel sheet that is designed to best make use of the sleep calculations offered (often providers would like these types of resources but do not have the time, knowledge or interest in creating them for themselves)
  • Aid in dissemination of CBTI by 1) promoting awareness of BSM interventions to mental and medical health providers; 2) increasing accessibility of BSM treatment


How to get involved:

Email Scott here and he will answer your questions or add you to the team.


This project is funded through an internal grant at Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research & Training Center