Relaxation Resources


Mindfulness Training Resources


Up at Night?

This is the beginning of a list of useful resources to consider using if you are at at night and passing the time in a healthy way…

  • Do something enjoyable!  Remember, you don’t have control over if you sleep tonight but you can help yourself by paying it forward by not trying to sleep and making it worse.  If you’re going to be awake anyway, you might as well enjoy it – here is a great resource for audio books 
  • The Sleep With Me Podcast – a purposefully monotone & less-than-exciting podcast “that puts you to sleep”.  A good thing to try while out of bed.  
  • A body scan meditation

Biological Clock Tools

Filtering blue light can be useful when used in strategic ways.

  • Here is a free program that will filter out the blue light of your computer after dusk.
  • Here is a link for a very affordable pair made by a reputable company that does lab testing to prove that it filters blue light effectively.


Sleep Hygiene Products

  • Sleep masks can be a very helpful & affordable way to reduce your exposure to light.  Here is a brand that was recommended by a previous patient.

He liked this brand because it was “cushiony, comfortable and it contoured to [his] face well”.

Circadian Sleep Disorders Help




Find a Behavioral Sleep Medicine Provider

  • The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine keeps a list of providers from across the world.



Have any recommendations?  Please let me know.