Are you constantly tired but can’t seem to get consistent, quality sleep?

Do you have problems with…

  • Falling asleep
  • Ability to sleep through the night
  • Wake up too early
  • Dependence on sleeping pills

If so, you came to the right place.

I help people in the Portland area to address the underlying causes of insomnia and teach the skills that have been proven to be effective in the long-term treatment of insomnia.

One Approach

If you are like most people reading this then you have probably tried sleeping pills, over-the-counter products (bendayrl, melatonin, Nyquil, etc) or herbs & teas. Sometimes these easier & quicker approaches can work, but for most people with chronic insomnia they are only a short-term help. Often, the help they provide tends to fade over time. Many people also don’t like being dependent on a medication in order to sleep or dislike the side effects of taking medication every night.

If your insomnia is chronic, relying on pills alone isn’t likely the best option. Whether to take medications or not is not a black-and-white decision. For some people, the goal is to just reduce the amount of sleeping pills needed to get restful sleep.

A Better Way  (How I Treat Insomnia)

I specialize in a form of treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). CBT-I is…

  • highly effective
  • well researched (over 30 years of studies)
  • drug-free

The science of insomnia is well understood – and it is clear that the things that initially trigger insomnia are often different than what keeps insomnia around as a chronic problem. CBT-I helps to identify and address the behaviors and thoughts that have kept your sleep problems around, long after these problems with sleep started.

The National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines both recommend CBT-I as the preferred treatment for chronic insomnia. The research has shown that CBT-I is as effective as sleeping pills in the short-term and more effective than sleep medications in the long-term (because it gets to the root of the problem with sleep).


The proven benefits of CBT-I are:

  1. increased total amount of sleep per night
  2. reduced time to fall asleep
  3. reduced time awake after initially falling asleep
  4. increased quality of the sleep
  5. reduced use of and dependence on sleeping pills

What Can I Expect?

You will work one-on-one with a sleep expert (Dr. Dexter) to evaluate what are your particular issues with sleep. I will then create and share with you a short-term treatment plan that is specifically designed to address these issues. To provide the best level of care, I often share this treatment plan with your medical doctor so that all your health providers are working together for you (but only if you are comfortable with this).

Once we agree on a treatment plan, we will then meet about 6-8 times over a period of about 8-10 weeks to learn the skills to get healthy sleep again.

If your problem is a dependency on sleeping pills, your treatment plan can include reducing or or completely ending your dependency on sleep aid medication over time.

If you have a sleep disorder (like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other problems), we will help you get it properly diagnosed and treated (I know lots of local resources) and your treatment plan will include ways to adjust your sleep better.

If your insomnia is linked to medications prescribed by your doctor for other illnesses, we work with your physician to change your medication regimen to improve your sleep. If your insomnia is related to depression, anxiety, pregnancy, chronic pain, or menopause these can also be helpful to address as well.


Can I Afford Treatment?

You can use your insurance for CBT-I treatment & I am happy to work with most forms of insurance.

To Review:


  1. is scientifically proven to be effective for most people with insomnia
  2. addresses the underlying causes of insomnia & is effective in the long-term
  3. can be effective in a relatively short period of time
  4. is affordable for most people

and CBT-I can help you to…

  • practice specific techniques focused on the underlying causes of your insomnia
  • deal with lifestyle factors contributing to insomnia
  • recognize and address thoughts & beliefs that affect your ability to sleep
  • learn stress management techniques to combat chronic stress


Are you ready to start taking your health & energy back?



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